Cotton- the fabric of our lives...or not?

A question well worth investigating. While sources vary in their statistics, here is a bit of a summary of my research:

Conventional cotton starts with a GMO seed produced by a large company (I’m sure I don’t need to say a name), a seed with genetic makeup that has been modified to resist pests but has failed. Said company then sells the farmer the insecticide, pesticide, etc, which is sprayed onto entire fields of cotton (Anyone else see all the weed killer cancer lawsuit commercials lately? Just saying...Oh, yeah, by the way... then said company sells the drugs that treat the cancer.)⠀

Anyway, whether or not these chemicals remain in the final product, they have already entered the ecosystem, the water, the air, the animals (and people) exposed to them. Many chemicals used to process and dye the fiber are often dumped into the water supplies of already suffering communities. And, the chemicals used to treat conventional fabric do end up in the final product. Especially harmful are certain dye and finishing chemicals, such as phthalates, lead, and formaldehyde.⠀

You may wonder how these chemicals are able to affect your health if you’re not ingesting them. Because you are ingesting them. Your skin is your largest organ, and your skin is constantly in contact with fabric. Additionally, think of dust and lint...where does it go? Into the air and therefore into your airways. Many of us watch our food because we know the dangers associated with the prevalence of GMO foods and the chemicals in our food. Maybe it’s also time to watch what we put on our skin. ⠀

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