Hi, and welcome!

Hi everyone! Welcome to Kaldrea Collections' newly redesigned website and blog. We are so excited to have you visit us online!

Many of you have visited our old #website and follow us on #Instagram @kaldreacollections. Thank you for your loyal support. This website more closely resembles what we are about: fashion, design, and decor, and our passion for customization.

In our Fashion and Decor sections you'll find our price lists for our most common items. If there's something you don't see on there, feel free to ask. Just fill out the form on our Contact page or send us an email at kaldrea.collections@gmail.com. You can also contact us by sending a direct message on Instagram.

Don't have Instagram? Now you can see our feed too! Scroll down to the bottom of the Fashion page and click on the link where indicated.

In the Design section, we explain the types of design we work on. And we are in the process of building our Portfolio page. Hopefully in the next week or two that will be up and running.

If you're looking to learn more about sewing and designing, guess what? We are providing a list of Resources that have been beneficial to us and we know would help you too. There will also be more specific information about these resources provided in future blog posts.

Don't forget to visit our Shop section as well. It is slowly growing. We will keep you updated as we get closer to finishing it up.

If you have any questions or helpful suggestions, don't hesitate to reach out. Thanks again!

-Andrea Lyles

Kaldrea Collections

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