How to Make a Serger Thread Catcher

This is a long overdue project! I decided I need to organize my sewing space better and I decided I’d start with making the serger area a little tidier.

If you’d like to follow along, these are the materials you’ll need:

-2 pieces of fabric and one piece of shelf liner at 10” x 11” (or measure the base of your serger and add an inch or two around the perimeter.

-Two pieces of fabric at 11” x 11” (I’ll show the final dimensions in a picture.

-3 pieces of bias trim: 46” (if you’re using 10” x 11” for the base), 22”, and 11”

-7” piece of velcro

-One fabric glue stick

The first thing I did was stack my two pieces of fabric on top of the shelf liner. Then I clipped them together and quilted them together. You can choose to do this in whichever way you’d like. I just chose to do mine in a diamond shape. I used the walking foot on my sewing machine.

Here you can see what the back side looked like when completed:

Then I added the 46” bias trim all the way around. I clipped off about 2-3” when I joined the ends together. Don’t mind my corners lol. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not that great at bias trim.

Because my bias trim was so narrow, I stitched closer to the edge instead of stitching in the ditch so I could catch the under side. This was due to the thickness of the shelf liner.

That completed the serger pad.

Next up was the thread catcher. The picture below shows the final dimensions of the 11” x 11” pieces of fabric:

So I basically cut 1.5” off each side at the top down to 6” and then cut from that point to the corners at the bottom.

I put wrong sides together and added bias trim to the 11” side.

The I folded it up 5” with exterior fabric right sided together and used the 22” trim to go around the sides and the top.

My corners looked soo much better! I’ll add a link to a YouTube video that helped me get better bias corners.

By the way, I know those black specs look like little mouse poop but I promise they’re not 😆. Pieces of the shelf liner stuck to where there used to be a sticker on the wood. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Anyway, then it was time to turn the thread catcher right side out and add the Velcro. I tacked the Velcro down with fabric glue and then sewed the hook side to the back side of thread catcher and the loop side to the right side of the serger base.

And then, voila! All done :-) Welcome to a neater sewing station.

Oh, and here is that YouTube link:

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