The next time the world runs out of paper towels, you'll be just fine lol.


Seriously though, these organic cotton/hemp blend unpapertowels are a super easy eco-friendly swap. They have a great texture which helps them to be absorbent but also to dry quickly. 


The edges are serger finished with an abrasion-resistant recycled polyester thread.


10"x11"- they are preshrunk but you can expect another 1/4-1/2" of shrinkage.


If you would like different sizes, please contact me before ordering.


These are very easy to care for. I usually just toss them in with any load of laundry as needed. Just note that higher washing and drying temperatures may cause additional shrinkage.


Photography by Herban Honey (instagram: @herban.honey)

Organic Cotton/Hemp Single-ply Unpapertowels (12 pack)