*Discounted due to small spots on the  exterior layer of thread on the spool, as seen in the circled areas of one of the pictures*

This is my preferred sewing thread. It’s just like Gutermann Mara, except it’s made of recycled material! The raw material for this thread is plastic bottles.
Gutermann Mara quality is unmatched. It is shiny with a silk-like sheen. Extremely rub and abrasion resistant. Mara 100 is the equivalent of Tex 30. 
Sold by the 1000m spool. Color numbers are the same as for standard Gutermann Mara. 
This listing is for color #111, Off White.
I have done my best to depict the color accurately but please note that colors vary from monitor to monitor.

BLEMISH Recycled Polyester Thread- Gutermann Mara 100 rPet- Off White